1. Your Account ID will serve as Pin code on all the access numbers.
  2. Register as many ANI numbers as you wish using your Account ID and Password.
  3. For making SIP calls use the same Account ID and Password.







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INTERNET TELEPHONY CARRIER - Call free by internet

Telvoice is a cheaper  internet telephony Carrier . His customers must use their mobiles or PC connected to WIFI/ADSL/4G  to call without engagement.

the digital Voice Revolution with Telvoice, an advanced phone service with unsurpassed voice quality and amazing new features. It works just like your regular phone, but a lot cheaper and  with many more calling features that will enhance your calling experience.

  • Cheap international calls

  • Save up 95% of your international calls

  • No connection fee, no monthly fees, pay as you go

  • It is installed on your mobile phone or PC

  • You keep your operator

What we offer ?

How it works?

The most common way VoIP works is that the end user establishes hi speed broadband connection, a router and a VoIP gateway. Instead of a standard telephone line, the router sends the telephone calls over an Internet connection.


For more information, please contact us  at   mailto:contact@telvoice.net

All kinds of payments cards are secured by Paypal or Skrill


International internet free call to: Africa, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Congo, Senegal, Angola, Togo, Ivory Coast, Cameroun, Egypt, Benin, Mali, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Niger, Asia, China, Vietnam, Lebanon, Syria, Turquie, Pakistan, Thailande, India, Iran, America, Venezuela, Argentina, Guyana, Brasil, Mexico, Colombia, Chili, Europa, England, Spain, Deutchland, Pologna, Ukraine...

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